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2014-07-07 12:27

COMPOSITE conference "Good Leaderships in Times of Change – Empirical Findings and Suggestions for Police Leaders" by Kate Horton

COMPOSITE's final conference on "Good Leaderships in Times of Change – Empirical Findings and Suggestions for Police Leaders" on 12 and 13 June 2014 in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

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2014-07-03 13:45

"Police is regain control by using twitter and Co."

COMPOSITE researcher were interviewed about their research on "police & social media".

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Strategic Advisory Board

The Strategic Advisory Board is a group of senior policy makers and police chiefs from the participating countries who ensure the strategic link between the project and the police forces in the respective country. They make sure that the deliverables do not collide with the countries’ policing vision. They also have the executive authority to create awareness of the project and its results at a strategic (often nation-wide) level. The Strategic Advisory Board meets in a plenary fashion with the project management team once every year.


Members of the Strategic Advisory Board are:

Mr. Prof Dr P. W. Tops (Politieacademie - Landelijke selectie en opleidingsinstituut, Netherlands)

Prof Dr P. W. Tops is member of the Executive Board.

Mr. Klaus Neidhardt (Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei, Germany)

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Mr. Hubert Wimber (Polizeipräsidium Münster, Germany)

Mr. Hubert Wimber is president of the police force of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Ms. Margarete Koppers (Berlin police, Germany)

Ms. Margarete Koppers is vice president of the Berlin police force.

Mr. Michael Barton (Durham Constabulary, Police Headquarter, United Kingdom)

Mr. Michael Barton is Chief Constable at the Durham Constabulary, Police Headquarter.

Mr. Meredydd Hughes (Road Safety Support, United Kingdom)

Mr. Meredydd Hughes is Executive Chairman at the Road Safety Support.

Mr. Antoni Permanyer Fita (Police of Catalonia; Mossos d'Esquadra, Spain)

Mr. Antoni Permanyer Fita is the head of Commissioner's Office of Criminal Investigation of the Police of Catalonia.

Mr. Pablo Escudero Perez (Madrid City Council, Spain)

Mr. Pablo Escudero Perez is Director General of the Madrid City Council.

Mr. Nikola Todorčevski (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia; Centre for Security Cooperation, Macedonia)

Mr. Nikola Todorčevski is Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia and Director of the Centre for Security Cooperation.

Mr. Jean-Marie Van Branteghem (Fedrale politie België, Algemene Directie Beheer, Belgium)

Mr. Jean-Marie Van Branteghem is Directeur Generaal of the Fedrale politie Belgie.

Mr. Dirk Van Nuffel (Lokale Politie België, Vaste Commissie Lokale Politie, Belgium)

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Mr. Willy Bruggeman (Federale politieraad België, Belgium)

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Mr. Ionel Tirsinoaga (General Inspectorate of the Romanian Border Police, Romania)

Police Quaestor Ionel Tirsinoaga is Head of Directorate for Operational Management of the Romanian Border Police.

Mr. Gaetano Maruccia (Arma dei Carabinieri, Italy)

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Mr. Fabrizio Bardanzellu (Corpo Forestale dello Stato, Italy)

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Ms. Jana Friedlová (City Police Brno, Czech Republic)

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Ms. Hélène Martini (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police, France)

Ms. Hélène Martini is Director of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police.