COMPOSITE Research Results

As a four year long lasting research project, COMPOSITE is divided into two Action Lines. Action Line II is focussing on the processes that determine the success or failure of change processes within police organisations in the ten participating countries. Qualitative interviews, surveys and targeted studies in the police forces of these countries shall provide an in-depth understanding of change processes and how they are influenced by organisational structure and culture (WP5), identity (WP6) and leadership (WP7). Work Package 4 (that runs through Action Line I as well as Action Line II) is examining the adaptation of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the participating police forces.


The results of these Work Packages are summarised in the following:


WP5: Structural and Cultural Changes in in European Police Forces:

WP6: An Exploration of European Police Identification in COMPOSITE Countries:

WP7: Objectives on Leadership: